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Not always did people think the world is "flat".
"Flat" was an escape to not question deeper.

"Time for Renewal" - Time to fight Map-"Analphabetism"
on occasion of UNESCO's 60th Anniversary today, on November 16th, 2005

Read about the importance of accurate, true and fidel MAPS,
and teaching the world's children to accurately read and look through those maps.

UPDATE May 2006

Notice 2013: I found a great example to present world-views and world-maps done by xkcd see below !

FLAT WORLDS:TODAY AND IN ANTIQUITY and in visualizations to help realize the Maps and View connection


http://www.mse.berkeley.edu/faculty/deFontaine/flatworlds.html _________________ WHAT YOUR FAVORITE MAP PROJECTION SAYS ABOUT YOU ! See for more explanations the projections on this site and the note above and go to the original at xkcd site and maybe check more about Computer Graphics Visualization and Infographics in 2 and 3 D here and what Black-, White-, and Colour-boxes.

We have tried in "knowmap" with spatial - spacial structure to access the "deep" which is so "flat" in postmodern deconstructed days and times where the GURU'eque, "nebulous", or hidden/occult is used as a wall or no-go area, for some. We talk here about a deep space-scape, a deeper structure, a Cognitive Panorama - or conceptual superstructure (WIKIPEDIA) - moving from but including "flat" 2-d or 3-d structure towards a 3Space/Time (9-d) cognitive structure - in which we can dig deeper and talk about it, share explorations, and still have "space for higher dimensions", the not-given.
This is a "Kunstgriff" as our Lebenswelt needs to be "expanded" in our modern times. Please visit the sites 9-d.org and deepworlds to get different tangible views, or what we call a Global Covenant.