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In the Einstein Year - and keeping in mind Einstein's 4 Dimensions - we want to share models which can help us as find "orienting generalisations", to, "from a distance", keep our store of knowledge in order; to help us communicate and share multi-dimensional and multi-cultural content.

In is not enough to agree on some of many possible common frames of references, but we must bridge to communicate "In Between".

In literature, an "in-betweener" is a time binder - someone who connects and can convey a bigger picture. Like a movie-maker that is in charge of everything from the story to funding, staffing and each and every scene and detail. In the figure-space world of games and youth culture, it can be a cosmic entity bridging and harmonizing in critical situations.

We want to show here that it is not enough to be a "time" binder, but there is a need for those In-Betweeners who immerse into, share and communciate, bring alive, embody also spaces, cultures, levels, sectors and domains. It has to do with "map paradigms" and with being "out of the box" in order to relate to where oneself and others are - and what matters are about. So, being in-between means to be able to bridge not just opposites but paradigms!

The In-Betweener is working against insanity - by trying to harmonise and allowing co-existence of different views and ways of being.
He is bridging levels of truth and reality.

Heiner Benking